Objective: Projects completed on time – in budget

This workshop maybe taught in four or eight hours

It is not just for software engineers, the time tested project management techniques should be applied to every value added task. Managers must understand how to manage procurement and human resources, so that the resources required to implement a project are available; risks, ranging from technical to political challenges; cost, time and quality; so that the project can be completed on time and on budget, while maintaining or exceeding the necessary quality; communication, so that progress is reported accurately and knowledge is shared with all stakeholders; scope management, integration management, so that the project is understood in its proper context and is aligned with business goals. Ed O. Bridgman holds a Project Management Professional certification.

Participants are provided a workbook.

Topics include:

  • Defining and creating a 6-sigma manufacturing environment

  • How to make a Gant chart

  • How to determine the “Red X”

  • Determining the critical path

  • The quality, cost, time triangle

  • Creating a work breakdown structure

  • Deming’s theories

  • Identifying risks and preparing for the worse

Seminar consists of:

  • Small and large group discussions

  • Facilitator lead exercises

  • Communication exercises

Organizational Benefits:

  • More production

  • Less expensive production

  • Reduction of missed timelines

  • More profit margin

  • Employees taking responsibility for increasing production

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