Objective: Create an energized workforce

This workshop maybe taught in four or eight hours

Any employee failing to produce because they are not provided the tools to be successful or are in the wrong position is suffering from poor management. Any company with employees failing to produce at their maximum potential is losing valuable resources. Ed O. Bridgman developed this workshop for those managers that truly want to build their employees into aggressively producing assets that provide value to the company’s bottom line.

Participants are provided a workbook.

Topics include:

  • Importance of trust

  • Giving constructive criticism and valuable feedback

  • The six steps to Straight Talk

  • Discover the difference between Serving people and Rescuing people

  • Recognizing different motivations

  • Valuing individual contributors

  • Making the most of an employee’s strengths and limiting the effect of their weaknesses

  • Workforce diversity is good, when dealt with correctly

  • Motivate and transform employees by encouraging risk, responsibility, and accountability

  • Identifying communication techniques that create clear, concise, and complete

Seminar consists of:

  • Small and large group discussions

  • Communication exercises

  • Role playing by facilitator and every participant

Organizational Benefits:

  • Improved team effectiveness

  • Increased individual contributions

  • Increased profitability to the bottom line

  • Reduced turnover

  • Improved MORAL


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