Objective: Improved customer satisfaction

This workshop maybe taught in four or eight hours

Only 4% of upset customers bother to contact the offending company – 96% simply choose to take their business to the competitor. Ed O. Bridgman developed this workshop to train employees how to turn Irate Customers into your most valued marketing resource. The Irate Customer workshop provides employees immediate solutions to customer’s complaints and provides ample opportunity to “Role Play” their new skills. Corporations will see immediate results.

Participants are provided a workbook.

Topics include:

  • It’s all about trust, but how do you establish trust with someone who is mad

  • Constructive listening

  • Words to avoid

  • Redirecting the aggression

  • Asking questions that lead the customer to a positive conclusion

  • Turning the irate customer into your best salesperson

Seminar consists of:

  • Small and large group discussions

  • Facilitator lead exercises

  • Communication exercises

  • Role playing by facilitator and every participant

Organizational Benefits:

  • Fewer complaints from both customers and employees

  • More satisfied customers

  • Customers spreading positive words and becoming salespeople for your company

  • Reduced turnover

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