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A Seasoned Developer of RV Park Destinations and Boat and RV Storage Facilities around the Southeastern USA

As I look back over my years of consulting I am able to point directly to times when I made wise decisions and times when I wasn’t even close. If it is possible to share my philosophies so that someone might fulfill their development dreams or save them from some of the mistakes that I have made, I will consider this writing a success.

I composed the Step-by-Step document to assist people who are considering developing either an RV Destination or a Boat and RV Storage Facility. It will prove equally valuable to anyone with the desire to renovate an existing property. As a consultant I have designed and developed RV Destinations and Boat and RV Storage Facilities around the South East, but more importantly I took what I learned and designed and developed Homestead RV Community for myself. I not only explain how to spend my client’s money, but I demonstrate how I spent my money. My desire is to address the questions and concerns that either paralyze people keeping them from realizing their dreams or save people from learning the hard way.

I appreciate your feedback and welcome constructive critique; as I am constantly learning.

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