Objective: Preparing for the changing environment

This workshop maybe taught in four or eight hours

The workplace environment has always been in a state of change, but today the changes are occurring at a faster pace. Change is necessary for growth, and how each of us responds to change is a key element of our success. Ed O. Bridgman developed this workshop to teach participants how to influence their beliefs and attitudes towards change in a positive manner. By truly understanding change and realizing the benefits of progressing through the natural change cycle as rapidly as possible participants learn to embrace change. The Managing Change workshop utilizes highly interactive learning techniques and carefully crafted simulations, while creating a positive impact on participants both professionally and personally.

Participants are provided a workbook.

Topics include:

  • Resisting change

  • With every beginning there is an end

  • The five natural stages of human loss 

  • Mental maps

  • Learning techniques

  • Dealing with rapid change

  • Applying valuable techniques at work

Seminar consists of:

  • Small and large group discussions

  • Facilitator lead exercises

  • Role playing by facilitator and every participant

Organizational Benefits:

  • Participants will respond positively and constructively to change

  • Discover change attributes that improve attitude

  • Create positive mental maps to work through change

  • Improved MORAL


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