Objective: Leadership training

This workshop maybe taught in four or eight hours

Today organizations are requiring more value from their employees. Leaders are forced to drive workers to produce more with less and faster than the past. Every person in the organization must become efficient; every action must have a purpose that adds to the bottom line. Everyone needs to be creative when determining how to produce the desired results. Such a high level of commitment cannot be achieved when people are “complying” with formal authority. Organizations must shift from a “do what you’re told”, to a “do whatever it takes to get the job done right” work environment. Inspiring that level of involvement from people requires authentic true leadership. These Leadership skills are not currently taught in Business classes. True leadership is based upon a positive, trusting relationship. Good leadership improves morale and inspires people to go the extra mile, to find new and innovative solutions and to contribute to their full capacity.

Participants are provided a workbook.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing the differences between effective leadership and managing skills

  • Become more effective communicating in the workplace

  • Workforce diversity is good, when dealt with correctly

  • Motivate and transform employees by encouraging risk, responsibility, and accountability

  • Discover the three areas of 100% responsibility

  • Identify leadership individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Create an individual leadership plan

Seminar consists of:

  • Small and large group discussions

  • Role playing by facilitator and every participant

Organizational Benefits:

  • Increase willingness to take personal responsibility for participant’s own choices

  • Empowered leaders

  • Reduced turnover

  • Fewer complaints

  • Improved individual effectiveness

  • Improved MORAL


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