Wetland Mitigation

Ed will work with local CORP of Engineers to perform the wetland mitigation. Many factors must be considered including with RV Destination is best and then how much of your land should be utilized. It is possible that in order to maximize the value of your land you will not want to mitigate all of your land. With the ideal RV Destination designed, the proper amenities identified the ideal amount of land can be determined so as not to pay for mitigation that could be utilized it its current condition.

Once EOB Consulting, working with the client, determines exactly where and how much of the property needs to be mitigated, members of the EOB Consulting team will communicate with local authorities to identify any Wetland areas that may be affected by development.

Wetland Mitigation is a time consuming task. Usually, it is beneficial to perform other tasks at the same time. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineer drawings will save you a lot of time and money because they can be provided to your local Professional Engineer who can easily and quickly include your counties code requirements, stamp the drawings with a Professional Engineer Stamp and submit the designs to the appropriate organization for permit. These tasks need to be completed in parallel to reduce time.

This is two steps in Maximizing the PROFIT per acre


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