EOB Consulting will travel to your location to research all RV Destinations close enough to influence guest coming to your specific location. Just because an RV Destination is located near your location doesn’t make it your competitor. Many current RV Destinations were developed over 20 years ago and have failed to evolve with guest’s recent trends.

The RV industry is an Outdoor Hospitality industry, which is a segment of the real-estate Industry where the three rules of real-estate apply, location, location, location.

A comprehensive Competitive Analysis includes asking current owners and manger’s questions like a Detective. How are existing upgrading their appeal? Are existing destinations expanding? What are current destinations using to attract new customers while maintaining existing guests?

EOB Consulting will provide you with a Competitive Analysis complete with pictures of surrounding RV Destinations within an area of influence of your location. Also, EOB Consulting will provide an Excel Spreadsheet which will include columns titled:

RV Destination Name
Phone Number (of the RV Destination)
Monthly Rate
Number of Sites
Number of High End RVs
Percent Full
Potential Number to steal
Distance from your location
            Such as; Narrow Roads, No Asphalt, Concrete Pads, Dimensions of pads

Armed with this information EOB Consulting will be able to estimate the Charge Rate and the Average Occupancy Rate you can expect at your location.

This is one step in preparing a Feasibility Analysis

This is necessary to prepare the Business Plan for Investors

This is one step in Maximizing the PROFIT per acre


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