EOB Consulting will travel to identify the unique characteristics of your specific location. Which trees give your property character and need to be maintained? Is there a small stream or pond that creates a beautiful, natural water feature? How can we use the topography to minimize the construction cost while maximizing the functionality for the guest?

It is important that EOB Consulting travels to your location to identify those important factors that allow the RV Destination to function for the guest. How will the sewer issue be resolved? How will the WiFi be supplied? What will be required to provide a road base to support 80,000 Lb. RVs?

Based upon the correctly identified RV Destination, EOB Consulting will determine the ideal size of sites, location of roads, where the entrance should be located, the flow of traffic, where the office and store should be located.

All designs are provided to you in an easy to understand PDF format as well as a CAD format your Engineering team will require. It is the desire of the EOB team to provide designs that require a minimum amount of changes by your Engineering team for them to submit to the permitting agency for permission to proceed. This reduces time and money required to begin construction.

This is one step in preparing a Feasibility Analysis

This is necessary to prepare the Business Plan for Investors

This is one step in Maximizing the PROFIT per acre


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