Identify RV Destination

EOB Consulting will travel to your land to correctly identify the RV Destination best suited for your location.

The RV industry is an Outdoor Hospitality industry, which is a segment of the real-estate Industry where the three rules of real-estate apply, location, location, location.

What may seem relatively straightforward is actually a complicated analysis requiring researching not only your specific parcel of land but also the surrounding area to determine the Fit and Function of your property. How will the guest use this property?

There are five (5) different RV Destinations.

  • PARK
    • Been around for over 100 years
    • Serve as a resting place along the interstate to rest on the way to destination
    • Offer few amenities
    • Guest stay short time, often only one night
    • Been around for over 100 years
    • Serve as a place to stay while enjoying another attraction – Disney, Grand Canyon etc.
    • Offer few amenities
    • Guest stay medium length of time, usually three nights to a week
    • Became popular about 15 to 20 years ago
    • Satisfying the trend to provide an entertainment attraction closer to where the guest live
    • Many amenities provided for the guest
    • Guest stay medium length of time, usually three nights to a week
    • Became popular about 15 to 20 years ago
    • Satisfying the trend to provide location for the guest to live
    • Similar amenities to a residential neighborhood
    • Guest stay longer length of time, more than one month
  • Hybrid
    • Combination of one or more of the destinations described above
    • A short-term destination that is being used by the guest as a long-term destination

It is my opinion that the technology trend of automated vehicles will reduce the need for the driver to require a place to stop and refresh when traveling. With the ability to program the vehicle to transport the family safely from point A to point B without the aid of a driver; travel time will be reduced. The driver will be able to sleep, eat and relax while the vehicle manages the driving. The whole family will arrive at the destination relaxed and ready to enjoy the amenities of the RV Destination or nearby attractions. Therefore, in the future the demand for a traditional RV Park will be reduced.


Further it is my opinion that the distinction between the RV Destinations will become vague as guest are forced to pay more and stay longer at Parks, Campgrounds and Resorts than those RV Destinations were originally designed to accommodate. Due to the demand for long-term Community style living the guest will have to employ a Park, Campground or Resort to live long-term. Thus, we are witnessing a new RV Destination called Hybrid that incorporates the amenities of a Resort or the location of a Campground and Park while the guest desires neither. The demand for Community destinations is the fastest growing RV Destination.

This is one step in preparing a Feasibility Analysis

This is necessary to prepare the Business Plan for Investors

This is one step in Maximizing the PROFIT per acre


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