For organizations to excel in today’s economy they must discover how to maximize the value of every asset including their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels. Great Teams evolve when they learn how to produce extraordinary results. EOB workshops enable individuals and teams to move beyond their comfort zone and achieve real performance improvement through interaction and participation on all levels. EOB transforms good teams into great teams! Reaching goals higher than they would dare to set for themselves by implementing successful strategies that accelerate projects and dramatically improve results on multiple levels.

Every workshop guarantees 3 things:

Value = A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.

Immediately applicable = Appropriate information that can be applied instantly.

Objective = tangible result set forth by the client.

Ed O. Bridgman brings uniqueness to the training industry:

•  Each workshop provides valuable insights that can be immediately applied both at work and home. These are not workshops designed to take up time, each one is packed with valuable information.

•  If he has never taught a particular course you are interested in – he tells you the truth. If you are interested in a workshop that Ed O. Bridgman has not yet delivered you are entitled to the same discount as a company that Ed O. Bridgman has not yet facilitated with – 50% off regular price.

•  Ed O. Bridgman has been an Electrical Engineer and a Manager for both fortune 500 and small companies. He has managed people and processes and draws upon a wealth of his own experiences.

EOB fills a void in the training industry. Believing “Necessity is the mother of invention”, Ed O. Bridgman determined that old-fashioned honest values were missing in the training industry. SEE GUARANTEE!!!

“Best class I have taken in 10 years!”

- Austin Chapter of TSCPA

“Ed is so darn funny! The class was chuck full of valuable stuff, but the time just flew by.” 

- Amy Bosch, of T-Mobile

“A fresh approach to professional learning! Ed Bridgman helps to apply valuable knowledge.” 

- SSG Reinoehl, US Army Human Resources Command

“Very interesting! Not boring – gets folks involved!” 

- Austin Chapter of TSCPA

I was completely engaged throughout the day, which was a big plus. Participation was excellent.”

-Emerson Processing


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