The more leadership styles you have, the more situations you can handle. You are the key to your organization’s success. Whether you are a CEO or mid-level manager, you are essential to the prosperity of your company and you must re-align your leadership style frequently to elicit superior results from your team. With Ed O. Bridgman on your team as your personal coach you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead your organization, through any challenge. You will learn how to develop trust and respect from your coworkers. You’ll practice diagnosing the stages of team development, and adapting your leadership style accordingly.


  • Gain a greater understanding of your leadership responsibilities.

  • Create and maintain an efficient, effective and motivated team.

  • Maximize your team’s performance by understanding human behavior and focusing on the needs of the organization while understanding the dynamics of the team.

  • Improve your ability to communicate with your team and your customers.

  • Strengthen your techniques for managing the performance of the team.

  • Gain the respect of both your team and your employer

  • Discover and practice a leader’s role in setting and achieving goals, gaining support, resolving conflicts, motivating team members, and sustaining commitment.

  • Recognize where your organization or team currently stands and choose the appropriate leadership style.

  • Learn to identify team behaviors and respond effectively.

  • Identify appropriate directive and/or supportive consulting techniques to improve team performance.

Mastering leadership requires continuous attention to a number of complex issues. True leadership is strategic, not tactical… addressing long-term issues, not short-term crises. Effective leaders also find that all members of a team must be ready to play critical leadership roles, reinforcing the idea that leaders teach others to be leaders, not followers. And, successful leaders know that the needs of the group guide the techniques and strategies that leaders use to guide and facilitate the activities of the group. Ed O. Bridgman will custom design a curriculum to address your personal and organizational needs: culture, work style and industry requirements, while discovering leaders at all levels.

Consulting consists of individual sessions, leadership assessments and 360-degree interviews with managers, peer and direct reports. The data gathered is used to develop customized plan of action that addresses personal objectives. Results are tailored to your unique requirements and provided so you can evolve into the leader you desire to be. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or no payment is required.

“Ed’s executive consulting has enabled me to skyrocket into the executive position for which I’ve been striving all these years. He has helped me become more professional and confident in my negotiating and presentation skills. I know I’m executive material and now, I am able to convey that to others.” 

– Jill Taylor
Choice Homes Marketing Manager
Austin/San Antonio


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